NEUROMASTER [NXR] Token $BSC $NXR On Pancake Swap

$NXR [NEUROMASTER] DexTools Charts and Trading. Contract can not be Paused, Black Listed, Frozen or Minted

All 8 Founders, 9 Developers and Partners are 100% commited to no RUG PULLS and will be locking liquidity for 6 and 12 Months Blocks. Details will be published.

Bogged Finance Charts and Trading NEUROMASTER

$NXR NEUROMASTER DexTools Charts and Trading

NEUROMASTER Team Wallet has Sold 0.271 BNB of NXR Token to demostrate and test on different platforms the ability to sell 100% of the time. We are commited to being honest open and follow through with our promise. 12 Trading pairs have been created.





#CRYPTOMUSIC #NEUROMASTER #NEURODEX Blockchains $Sol $Waves $Bnb $Eth $Btc

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#CRYPTOMUSIC #NEUROMASTER #NEURODEX Blockchains $Sol $Waves $Bnb $Eth $Btc

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